Tatiana Kocmur


Quintessence  is an audio-visual performance that combines the intermedia practice of Boštjan Čadež and the performative body of Tatiana Kocmur. The performer's body is covered with LED lights that respond to her movement. The movement of the body with the help of sensors generates image and sound. A series of movements make up an animated image supported by a video projection.

Quintessence discusses possible ways to embody in a world of technological progress. It offers reflections on modern human, his placement in space and his relationship toward other things. At the forefront of our performance we place the cyborg - a cybernetic organism that is a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality (living social relations, which are our most important political constructs) and imagination. The created lively dialogue between the body or self (of both artists), technology (dress with LED lights) and surroundings (projection, space and spectators) represent a field of transformation and merging of dualisms mind - body, woman - man, human - machine.

The quintessence of humanity is integration. An equality-based cyborg must become our ontology.


Costumography: Ivana Kocmur

We thank Katerina Mirović, familly Kocmur, Matías Zemljič, Simon Intihar, Martina Kocmur, DK, Andrej Peunik, Katja Goljat.


Iskreno se zahvaljujeva Katerina Mirović za povabilo k sodelovanju, celotni družini Kocmur za pomoč pri izdelavi kostuma, Matíasu Zemljiču in Simonu Intiharju za snemanje dogodka ter Martini Kocmur za montažo videov, DK, Andreju Peuniku, Katji Goljat za fotografiranje performansa.


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