Nekje drugje


Somewhere else is a performance produced by the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. My contribution to its realization was the development and implementation of technology for dynamic image mapping onto the central element of the scene - a school blackboard that the actress rotates during the performance.

The system consists of a set of three modules with sensors, software for calibration, and a plugin for VDMX5. Each module contains an AS5047P magnetic encoder that measures the angle of the blackboard for one of the axes. In addition to the sensor, each module includes a microcontroller with embedded software and an NRF24 radio transmitter/receiver. One of the modules receives measurements from the other two and sends them, along with its own, to the computer via the MIDI protocol. The mentioned plugin on the computer appropriately rotates the virtual blackboard on which individual animation sequences are played. The system needs to be calibrated on each new location because knowing the position of the projector relative to the blackboard is necessary for the whole system to function properly. For this step, I developed software that calculates the position of the projector using a camera and projected structured light.



Financial Support

Ministrstvo za kulturo in Mestna občina Ljubljana